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The Joys of being a Maker…

I am always quite hesitant to tell my story for so many reasons. The closest people in my life, I don’t have to explain my experience. They are right there with me. There will be those that will not understand even if I tried to explain. Then there is a subset, that simply does not care. Overall, So much is occurring in the world, will telling my story really make a difference to others lives?

I have always been an inquisitive person. Some individuals have talents in visual or performing arts, most of my associates are masterfully skilled writers. The talent I am Blessed with is Analytical Thinking. I love to solve problems. Most people think I am a shy person… but I am not. In my professional and personal experience I have learned to listen to others needs and respond with reasonable unbiased solutions. The problem is when we as individuals are experiencing any type of emotions, we always think we are the only ones that have ever had that experience. Life teaches us, that assumption is definitely not reality.

After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, I started to have trouble keeping my strong analytical mind focus on task, no less problem solving. The physical, emotional and physiological effects can be over whelming at times, so I started creating to keep my mind and skill set focused. I launched Blessed + Kech over 2 years ago with the Mission covey my story to serve community issues. We started as a T-shirt brand committed to self-identity and quickly evolved to create bath, body and aromatherapy products. Along with my partner we have met so many great customers, business owners and friends that have pushed us to keep going.

So my emotions came full circle to me this past weekend when I met an amazing lady that thought me that my journey is not in vein. I was giving her a demo on our product line and she asked if I had any products that would serve to heal dry skin and skin impurities and muscle pain. I kicked into gear and explained the benefits of Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Rose water, etc… All my favorite goodies! She made her selection and walked to the register and said “I look forward to taking a relaxing bath tonight because I just recently finished chemo and I really need to take the time for a Self–Care moment”.

Everyone has a story and we are all working through it. Some with words, some through song, others like me though small glass bottles. That my follow NOIR LUSHERS is the meaning of LIVING BEYOND...

Photo Credit: Bradley Films

Model: Anika Jackson

T-Shirt: Blessed and Kech

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