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DETOX...Yes! to Rehab

Activated charcoal powder is adsorbs 1000X its own mass in harmful substances, like bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin. Making this ingredient an optimal solution to fight acne and clear blemishes. The charcoal is “Activated” by applying steam to erode the internal surfaces thereby increasing its absorptive surface area. This process allows for the impurities to be drawn out from deep within the skin.

Those who have live with acne know how much time and emotional effort it takes to battle the issue.

From the trauma of ugly scarring on the face to hit and miss treatments that often don’t work, living with acne can be quite difficult. Activated charcoal may be beneficial in controlling this condition depending on its severity. As a face mask, the infection is gently pulled to the surface, while as a soap, it is useful in gently exfoliating your skin. Blessed + Kech’s biggest seller is activated charcoal, coconut & Dead Sea salt bath soak that penetrates and relives the deep muscles for the ultimate Detox.

Activated charcoal has healing properties that are beyond the typical beauty issues. Activated Charcoal is a known medical antidote for poison and will draw out the venom from the sting and reduce the inflammation and pain. This agent is a great skin soother when applied to cuts, and insect bites and significantly improve the healing process.

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